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        JYG paddle dryer

          Hollow blade dryer is a horizontal stirring type dryer that mainly conducts heat, with wedge-shaped hollow blades densely arranged on the internal hollow shaft. The blade dryer has been developed abroad for many years, and this model has been developed in two structures, dual axis and four axis, with multiple specifications of series products. The paddle dryer was first successfully developed by Germany, and later introduced and improved by Japan. Due to the fact that the heat required for drying the equipment relies on indirect heating through thermal conduction. Therefore, the drying process only requires a small amount of gas to remove moisture, which greatly reduces the loss of heat carried away by the gas and improves the utilization rate of heat. And due to a small amount of gas, tail gas dust removal, deodorization, etc., it greatly reduces production costs.

          The heat transfer surface of the wedge-shaped blade has self-cleaning function, and the material moves relative to the wedge-shaped surface, avoiding material sticking on the wedge-shaped surface, thereby greatly improving heat transfer efficiency.

        The main characteristics of the paddle dryer are:

        1. The retention time of the material in the tank can be adjusted, which can handle high moisture content materials and also obtain extremely low final moisture content materials.

        2. Conductive drying method, energy-saving, high conductivity coefficient, and high thermal efficiency.

        3. The wedge-shaped blade has a self-cleaning function, without the risk of sticking materials. The two phases rotate in reverse, alternately compressing the materials, expanding and stirring, and evenly transferring heat.

        4. Continuous production, fully enclosed operation. Low operating intensity, no dust flying.

        5. The dehumidification air volume is small, reducing the cost of dust removal and deodorization.

        6. The loading coefficient can reach 80%, and the wedge-shaped heat transfer surface is completely within the material, with a high effective heating area.

        7. The material is a column air flow, without axial return, and is evenly dried.

        Applicable materials - Environmental protection industry: biochemical sludge, papermaking sludge, biochemical sludge, urban sludge, printing and dyeing sludge, PTA sludge.

        Feed industry: soybean meal, chicken bone feed, fish meal, feed additives.

        Food industry: starch, cocoa beans, corn kernels, salt, modified starch, pharmaceuticals

        Petrochemical industry: polyolefin powder, polyvinyl alcohol, polystyrene, acetate fiber.

        Chemical industry: soda ash, nitrogen phosphorus potassium composite fertilizer, kaolin, bentonite, white carbon black, calcium sulfate, and calcium carbonate.

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