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        Potato protein special flash dryer

        Project Description of Potato Protein Special Flash Dryer:

          Potato extract is a pure protein concentrate with multiple balanced amino acid components and high nutritional value. Potato protein is a highly potential health food. Potato extract is rich in protein, crude fiber, and carbohydrates, which can provide humans with a comprehensive range of nutrients. Potato protein contains a large amount of mucoprotein, which is a mixture of polysaccharide proteins. It can prevent fat deposition in the cardiovascular system, maintain the elasticity of arteries, prevent the premature occurrence of arterial atherosclerosis, prevent the atrophy of connective tissue in the liver and kidney, and maintain the lubrication of the respiratory tract and digestive tract. Potato protein, like sweet potato protein, can prevent and treat collagen disease. Potato protein is also a highly valuable health food for middle-aged and elderly people, and has important health physiological functions.

        Ⅰ、 Overview of Potato Protein Special Flash Dryer

          The inlet and outlet temperatures of the potato protein dryer are 160 ℃ and 65-75 ℃, respectively. This equipment adopts indirect steam heat exchange for heating, which can dry wet materials with a moisture content of 70% to below 12%, and has a production capacity of 500Kg per hour. Use cyclone separators and rappers for product collection and tail gas treatment. In terms of material, the contact part between the equipment and the product is made of stainless steel.

        Ⅱ、 Principle of Potato Protein Special Flash Dryer

          Hot air enters the mixing and crushing drying chamber from the bottom of the dryer at an appropriate spraying speed through the inlet pipe, exerting strong shearing, blowing, and rotating effects on the material. As a result, the material is subjected to centrifugation, shearing, collision, and friction, resulting in particle formation and enhanced mass and heat transfer. At the bottom of the dryer, larger and wetter particle clusters are mechanically crushed by the stirrer, while particles with lower moisture content and smaller particle size are carried up by the rotating airflow, further drying during the upward process. Due to the rotating flow of gas-solid two phases, the inertia of the solid phase is greater than the relative velocity between the gas phase and the solid gas phase, which enhances the mass and heat transfer between the two phases. Therefore, the production intensity of this machine is high.

        Ⅲ、 Characteristics of Potato Protein Special Flash Dryer

        1. To prevent excessive material temperature, jacket water cooling is used in the high-temperature area at the bottom of the dryer to prevent local high temperatures of the material.

        2. The lower bearing seal of the host not only has a pressure ring seal, but also the bearing is equipped with a compressed air seal ring. The bearing seat adopts belt transmission, which can effectively ensure that the transmission motor is not burnt out. The bearing is equipped with a water cooling jacket to ensure continuous operation of the equipment.

        3. The main mixing room is equipped with a quick opening drain valve, which is convenient for cleaning internal accumulated materials.

        4. The upper part of the feeder is equipped with a crushing and dispersing device, suitable for filtering cake like materials with viscous raw materials. The lower part is equipped with an access door, which can clean up the materials in the warehouse when actual situations occur and the machine is shut down. At the same time, the screw adopts a rear bearing structure, ensuring stable and reliable equipment operation.

        5. Due to poor material fluidity, a rapper is installed at the bottom of the cyclone dust collector to prevent material accumulation inside the drying.

        6. The equipment adopts two-stage drying to ensure drying quality, with fast drying speed and good material quality.

        7. The discharge valve bearing adopts an external structure to prevent dust from entering the bearing and affecting production.

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